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Stepan Saveliev
Stepan Saveliev

Giga Pee Holding Contest.rar NEW!

Was trying to buy SRA-04 today through the giga-zeus website... But for some odd reason it keeps failing??? WTF .... My card is good when I use it... Not sure what's going on. Any ideas on how we can get this movie as well as other full desperaion contest???

Giga Pee Holding Contest.rar

Hello, I love the giga contest hold videos. I have all the downloads from this site. Iam looking for full version of srz04 srz08 srz10 I found this site called el dorado the have all 10 giga srz videos the problem is i cant order the videos it wont accept my request. If you can help in any way please Thanks pppeee

Yeah, probably that's why there are MPEG1 encodes of the videos. Too damn old. But GIGA's are one of the best. I think the making of omorashi videos was transfered to ZEUS or something. But their newer stuff is crappy to me. Too much games and random stuff. GIGA's where plain and simple. Four girls in the same outfit (and the presenter) drinking and doing silly little things till they can't hold it anymore. Nothing less and nothing else. I don't know if today there's someone like GIGA making those "plain"-type holding competitions =/ 350c69d7ab

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