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Pros: The good stuff...+ Good performance+ Great looking screen at 1920x1080+ Strong and thin case+ Touchpad has a good feel+ Textured keys+ Battery life+ Asus Battery Health Charging software+ Small wall adapterThe Ryzen 5 2500U is a mid-range CPU from 2017 with an integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics. PassMark's average for this CPU is 7,358. My tests returned a slightly higher CPU mark at 7,472. This VivoBook won't win any awards for graphics performance, but the screen does look very nice and it doesn't have any issues with productivity software, pictures or movies. See benchmarks in other thoughts.The screen is really nice looking. Its vibrant with an anti-glare coating. The screen actually being 1080p is a big deal in my opinion, opposed to 1920 x 800 or something like that. Quite a few laptops have screens less than 1080p. So kudos on the screen. Pictures look great and movies in both full screen or windowed mode look great too.The VivoBook is pretty thin and lightweight. It's made of plastic with aluminum plating on top of the lid and on the top of the body. The texture has a nice brushed metal feel and does not have an issue with fingerprints. The gold is a subtle hue. It can look gunmetal in some light and gold-ish in other light.I really like the touchpad feel and sensitivity. I use the two-finger slide for scrolling and it only takes a light touch for it to recognize my finger movement. The light tap for a left-click works well. My personal preference is to turn off the Windows feature of the "lower right corner is the right-click" and I use the two-finger click as the right-click. Settings -> Devices -> Touchpad -> uncheck "Press the lower right corner of the touchpad to right-click".The keys on the keyboard have a texture that feels nice and repels fingerprints.The VivoBook battery life performance during the writing of this review went as expected. Writing this review in Google Docs and light browsing for 2 hours reduced the battery from 100% to 78%. It could be better, but I have definitely seen worse. Miles will vary based on tasks and temperature.The "Asus Battery Health Charging" software was a welcome surprise in the added software. It provides three modes on how the battery charging should be managed: full capacity, balanced, and maximum lifespan. The full capacity (100%) mode is for those running on battery frequently, but the battery lifespan is shortened. The maximum lifespan mode is for those that are able to charge the laptop frequently which, as it states, extends the battery life by only charging up to 60%. The balanced mode charges up to 80%. If you do decide to do a Windows "Fresh Start" or otherwise reinstall, the "Asus Battery Health Charging" utility does appear to be available for download from Asus at the time of this review.The wall adapter is about the size of a tablet's and not the typical laptop brick.

Cons: Issues during my experience...- Keyboard is not backlit- Camera is low quality- Usual bloatware- Speakers on the bottomThe keyboard is not backlit which can make it difficult to see in dim lighting, but the light from the screen should be enough for most settings.I'm not surprised that the camera is grainy. You're not going to get stunning pictures from a laptop lid camera. It will pass for video chat, but the video does look a tad blurry.It has the usual bloatware that ends up taking up space. The Windows "Fresh Start" feature to reset Windows to a "near" fresh Windows install, if you're unsatisfied with uninstalling the software. I did a fresh start on a VivoBook Pro and it worked well with the exception for one Asus software that remained. A few of the software you may want to consider if you intend on doing a Windows "Fresh Start" or reinstall are "Asus Battery Health Charging" for charging style, "Asus Splendid Technology" for screen configuration, "Asus Sync" to connect your phone, and "Asus Smart Audio" for your speakers. These should be downloadable from the Asus support page.The speakers are in the front bottom of the laptop. The sound bounces off of the surface the laptop is sitting on, so it can affect the sound. They are basic speakers, so I wasn't expecting fantastic sound. I think the sound would have sounded better if the speakers were above the keyboard.At the end of the day, nothing to crack an egg over since the price at the time of this review was less than $500.

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