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Kevin Miranda.consentement Streaming

Kevin Miranda.consentement Streaming

Kevin Miranda is a French actor and director who is known for his short films and web series. One of his most controversial works is Consentement, a 15-minute film that explores the issue of sexual consent and rape culture among young people. The film was released in 2012 and has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube. It has also sparked a lot of debate and criticism, both online and offline.

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Consentement tells the story of Kevin, a 20-year-old student who meets Julie, a 16-year-old girl, at a party. They flirt and go to his apartment, where he pressures her to have sex with him. She hesitates and says no several times, but he ignores her and forces himself on her. The film shows the rape scene in a realistic and disturbing way, without any music or sound effects. The film ends with Kevin leaving Julie alone in his bed, while she cries silently.

The film aims to raise awareness about the importance of consent and the consequences of sexual violence. It also challenges the stereotypes and myths that often surround rape, such as the idea that rapists are always strangers, that victims are always women, that rape only happens in dark alleys, or that rape can be prevented by dressing modestly or avoiding alcohol. The film also questions the role of social media and peer pressure in influencing young people's sexual behavior and attitudes.

However, the film has also received a lot of backlash from some viewers who accused it of being too graphic, sensationalist, or even glorifying rape. Some critics argued that the film was unrealistic, biased, or misleading, and that it did not represent the diversity and complexity of sexual situations and relationships. Some also claimed that the film was harmful for young audiences, as it could trigger trauma, anxiety, or guilt among survivors or potential victims of sexual assault.

Despite the controversy, Consentement has been praised by many experts and activists who work on the prevention and education of sexual violence. They have applauded the film for its courage, honesty, and relevance, and for opening a necessary dialogue about a taboo and sensitive topic. They have also recommended the film as a useful tool for schools, parents, and youth organizations to teach young people about consent, respect, and responsibility.

Consentement is available for streaming on YouTube and on Kevin Miranda's official website. It is also part of a DVD collection called "Courts mais gay", which features 12 short films about homosexuality and sexuality. The film has English subtitles and is rated 16+.

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