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Backpack Literature: An Introduction To Fiction, Poetry, Drama, And Writing, MLA Update Edition (5th Edition) Download Pdf \/\/FREE\\\\

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Backpack Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing, MLA Update Edition (5th Edition) download pdf


this study of the provocative and funny essays and poems of p.j. o'rourke, over 50 of his best pieces, including his "insider" and "homer simpson" columns, and his "king of the world" column, as well as his work for the new york times magazine, the washington post, sports illustrated, and other national publications, is an important contribution to literature about the united states and the world. it showcases the best and the most memorable of o'rourke's writing, as well as his keen observations of life in america and abroad. in the introduction, historian and author of the american way of war john keegan says that o'rourke's writing evokes laughter and amazement from readers and critics alike. the essays in this book offer an entry into the mind of p. o'rourke. his commentary on the united states in the 1980s is humorous and insightful, while his meditations on life in the years after his retirement from the publishing industry are reflective and moving.

the contributors include several of o'rourke's friends and colleagues, including american novelist and essayist christopher buckley, who wrote the introduction, and columnist and cartoonist art buchwald, who wrote the afterword. other contributors include john kenneth galbraith, j.d. salinger, craig venter, francis collins, and others. the essays and poems are divided into seven sections: "the insiders" (o'rourke's essays for the new york times magazine), "the outsiders" (his essays for the washington post), "the future: 1999" (an essay he wrote in the year 2000 to mark the end of the twentieth century), "the future: 1999" (a poem he wrote in the year 2000 to mark the end of the twentieth century), "the insiders" (his magazine essays of the 1980s), "the outsiders" (his magazine essays of the 1980s), and "the last words" (his last pieces, from the year 2000 to the year 2004). they are accompanied by a selection of o'rourke's illustrations, cartoons, and cartoons. a reprint of his work, selected by o'rourke, is also included.

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