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Stepan Saveliev
Stepan Saveliev

Christine Le Duc Presents De Gast 12 ((FULL))

this is an intensive, comprehensive, and ongoing training program that involves a significant investment of time, energy, and money. by its nature, fellowship training in the gi division is challenging, rigorous, and typically requires two years to complete. this is especially true for those who have been out of medical school for five or more years. trainees must complete a rigorous curriculum, pass a series of rigorous examinations, and successfully complete the american board of internal medicine (abim) certification examination before being eligible to sit for the american board of gastroenterology examination. all of this must be accomplished within two years of starting fellowship training.

christine le duc presents de gast 12

the fellowship is a comprehensive, rigorous, and lengthy 2-year training program that requires significant time commitment, and is typically completed by a resident with minimal or no postgraduate training in medicine. it is a full-time training program where trainees should expect to devote the majority of their waking hours to their clinical activities and teaching. fellow training is structured in five major blocks: 1) medical school, 2) clinical rotations, 3) a preceptorship in the division of gastroenterology, 4) a research project, and 5) a clinical or research preceptorship or fellowship. the fellowship is divided into three parts, each with a set number of months of active training. the first part consists of a comprehensive examination of knowledge, clinical skills, and attitudes needed for competent practice of hepatology. this examination is comprised of a written component and an oral examination with a multiple-choice format.

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