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Buy Window Blinds Online

With so many window shade styles and colors here on, it's easy to find the perfect covering to fit your style and decor. Try a textured bamboo or woven wood covering, classic rich-looking roman, or pair the clean, contemporary lines of rollers and solars with any of the above to create a look that's uniquely yours.

buy window blinds online

Do it yourself doesn't mean you have to do it alone. We're here to help, with the online tools and resources you need to successfully and easily measure, order and hang your custom window treatments.

In fact, our #1 category is also one of the most energy-efficient window coverings you can buy. Hanging a cell, or honeycomb, shade on your window adds instant insulation. Cell shades are made of two or more layers of fabric woven together in a diamond-shape cell, much like a honeycomb. The layers have a pocket of air between them that helps trap heat and cold, so your rooms stay stylish and comfortable while saving you money year-round. Go for a custom cell shade with double-cell construction for the most energy efficiency.

Need help measuring for new window treatments? Use our easy-to-follow, online step-by-step written and video instructions to hang them like a pro. Not sure what kind of custom blind or shade to buy? Browse through our buying guides to find the right window treatment for any space in your home. We make it super simple so you can search by room, by style, by purpose, or by product.

Make a statement and add value to your home with custom shutters. Our durable custom shutters are available in a range of stains, textures and styles. Offering both custom wood shutters and poly shutters, Direct Buy Blinds can customize any window shutter to fit most any opening, arch or sliding glass door.

Whether you are looking for something from classic and traditional to modern and industrial, we've got you covered. With multiple options for colors and upgrades, you can customize your blinds to be a timeless piece for your home. Add that touch of charm and personalization your home needs, today!

What could be easier than operating your window coverings by remote control? Motorization makes raising and lowering shades in high windows or other hard-to-reach locations a breeze and provides effortless control of multiple shades.

Shades with no cords? Go up, come down or slide to the side. Our cordless blinds and shades are made to help put your mind at ease. Keep your kids and pets safe with one of our many cordless options.

More times than not, the most over looked element of design in a home are the windows. At Direct Buy Blinds we have found a way for you to add that element and enhance your home by going directly to the source. We take pride in being able to offer you outstanding customer service and the sophisticated Custom Blinds, Cordless Shades, Shutters & Window Treatments you desire, while maintaining affordable prices.

At Direct Buy Blinds online, we would like for you to have the best online purchasing experience as possible. We strive for excellence in our window treatments, customer service and above all else, complete customer satisfaction. If you are looking to buy a window treatment custom to your liking, then you have come to the right place.

Timber Blinds Opulent luxury in painted & stained finishes Roller Blinds Premium fabrics combined with the next generation Top Gear control Roman Blinds Simply beautiful window furnishings which are completely customisable Panel Blinds For a studio chic finish, control the light on your terms Vertical Blinds Utilising the Slenderline tracking system

As the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission tells us, curtains and blinds that have long cords can pose a serious risk for children. In particular, they can serve as a strangulation hazard when the cords are not properly secured. With that in mind, residents and property owners have a serious obligation to ensure that any blinds installed on the premises are not placing young residents at risk.

In a hurry? Get free 2 day delivery on selected blackout, energy and awning blinds. As something new, you can now choose morning delivery times and the possibility to choose another delivery date than the one suggested

VELUX blinds are assigned to VELUX roof windows. Our blinds are designed with functionality in mind and offer heat protection, sun screening and light control. VELUX roof window blinds come as exterior awning blinds or interior blinds with electric, solar or manual operation

If you are looking for the best in window blinds and treatments then look no further than Prime We are the number 1 solution for your window treatment needs. We offer many types of window blinds, including roller shades, solar shades, blackout shade and even motorized. Our motorized shades are known for their effectiveness and look great in almost any application.

When you are looking for window treatments or coverings you will come accross many companies and many different types of window coverings. Our job here is to educate you on window blinds so that you can make a wiser decision. With so many options when it comes to window blinds, you will want to learn everything about them first. There are so many types of shades that we recommend you look over our website first.

Window Blinds are the modern and stylish way to decorate any window and let the natural light enter into your room. is the best available option for varied blinds including Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Woven Blinds, Bamboo Blinds, Roll Up and Roman Blinds etc.

Our blinds are famous in terms of both style and innovative designs to décor your room. We are famous for using top quality of fabric and components to manufacture the safest & stylish window blinds. So, whatever queries you have in concern to blinds, we are here to serve, you, our valued customer.

Here is a revealing interview with the founder of Blinds.com_kmq.push(["trackClickOnOutboundLink","link_642634c22bc0d","Article link clicked","Title":"revealing interview with the founder of","Page":"How to generate $50 million selling window blinds"]);. The webstore was launched in 1996 to sell window blinds online and today earns $50 million in annual revenues.

Evolve your site into a destination for remarkable content. If they can do it with something as simple as window blinds, you can definitely do it with niche speciality products that many small e-commerce merchants specialize in.

Only genuine VELUX blinds fit VELUX roof windows perfectly.Our VELUX roof windows feature pre-installed brackets for your blinds. This means they can be fitted in minutes - unlike non-VELUX blinds which may require measuring, cutting and trimming.All you have to do is click the top of your VELUX blind into the brackets and add the side rails. It's that simple. Everything needed is included in the package.

Sometimes you just need a nice window covering at a discount price. Shop for cheap blinds and shades on sale at deep discounts. Window Blind Outlet has one of the largest clearance sections full of low cost blinds on the Internet. Clearance roman shades, clearance wood blinds, clearance cellular shades. Cheap blinds and shades without sacrificing quality!

Before you can buy window coverings you need to know some of the key differences between the window coverings available. Do you need child safety? Privacy? Energy Efficiency? Each type of window covering has its own unique ideal use and each offers a unique style and flair to your home.

Blinds typically offer the greatest control over the level of light and privacy in a room. Popular materials include hardwood, faux wood, aluminum mini, and composite. Blinds are arguably the most popular type of window covering and there are cordless options perfect for homes where child safety is a priority.

Shades are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatile and varied styles and colors. Cellular shades are energy efficient and are often referred to as a honeycomb shade, Roman Shades have an elegant cascading look which adds richness to any room and Solar Shades reduce glare and UV rays while still letting you see the world outside your window.

Blindsmax is proud to provide window coverings to all contractors, educators, home builders, home decor retailers, government facilities, hotel chains, restaurants and design firms. We offer bulk quantity contract pricing and professional service agents to assist you with your next upcoming project. Contact our Commercial & Contract Department to get started.

Window covering cords cans pose a strangulation hazard to infants and toddlers. Our child safe cordless blinds & shades eliminates dangling and puddling cords. We recommend that only cordless window coverings be used in homes with young children and pets. In addition to safety, cordless window treatments offer an overall clean and modern look.

ATLANTA, Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Home Depot, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today announced that it has acquired Based in Houston, is the #1 online window coverings retailer in the world. The acquisition closed today, and terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"We're delighted to welcome the team into The Home Depot family," said Frank Blake, chairman & CEO of The Home Depot. "The acquisition of positions us well for expansion in the quickly growing online window coverings market. In addition, their unique sales and service model is one we hope to learn from as we continue to create even better interconnected retail experiences for our customers."

"We're joining forces with The Home Depot because there is a huge opportunity to utilize each other's strengths, take additional share in this category and move even faster toward our vision of making the design, purchase and installation of quality window coverings as easy and affordable as possible," said Jay Steinfeld, founder and CEO of "We will continue to build the brand and culture in our own unique way, and we believe The Home Depot is the best partner to help us do this over the long term." 041b061a72

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