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[S2E12] Reunion Part 1

Citing previous failures in the high-profile post-Super Bowl timeslot, NBC deliberately decided against premiering a new series, and instead chose to schedule a high-profile episode of an existing, popular series. It was part of an effort by the network to achieve the "highest-grossing ad-revenue day in television history."[1] The episode featured many guest stars, including Brooke Shields, Chris Isaak, Julia Roberts, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Fred Willard, and Dan Castellaneta.

[S2E12] Reunion Part 1

Ross, hoping for a reunion with Marcel, looks for him on the movie set. Joey meanwhile, sucks up to the production assistant to land a part in the movie. While on set, Chandler meets his old childhood friend Susie "Underpants" Moss (Julia Roberts) working on the production, with whom he has a colored history; when they were in elementary school, Chandler pulled up Susie's skirt when she was on stage, revealing her panties to the entire school. They arrange a date, Chandler unsuspecting that it is a plot to get revenge. After convincing him to wear her panties, Susie leaves him wearing nothing but the panties in a bathroom stall in the restaurant where they are having dinner. Meanwhile, Monica (Courteney Cox) and Rachel meet the movie's star Jean-Claude Van Damme, and compete for his attention. This creates tension between them, as they both argue over who should get to date him. They both dump him when he tries to convince them to have a threesome with Drew Barrymore. Ross finally reunites with Marcel and Joey lands a small role in the movie, but loses his solitary line after overacting.

The first part of "The One After the Superbowl" was written by Mike Sikowitz and Jeffrey Astrof, and the second part by Michael Borkow. Both parts were directed by Michael Lembeck.[2] On January 28, 1996, the day the episode aired, executive producer Kevin S. Bright commented: "It'll be bigger in size and scope than a regular Friends episode. Tonight we go one step beyond."[3] At the beginning of January 1996, it was confirmed that Julia Roberts,[4] Brooke Shields, Chris Isaak and Jean-Claude Van Damme would all guest star in "The One After the Superbowl".[5][6] Actors and comedians Fred Willard and Dan Castellaneta also made minor guest appearances in the episode, as the zookeeper and the zoo janitor respectively.[7] Shields was dating future husband Andre Agassi at the time and during filming of the restaurant sequence, he stormed on to the set and according to witnesses had a blazing row with her as he felt she was flirting with Matt LeBlanc.

"The One After the Superbowl" received mixed reviews from television critics. Lisa Davis of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram called the guest appearances "a blatant ploy to boost ratings."[22] The Charlotte Observer's Tim Goodman said the episode's "pathetic infusion of 'star appeal'" made him "nauseous" and commented that the producers "should just make Bernie Kopell a regular and turn it into the Love Boat all over again."[23] Diane Holloway of the Austin American-Statesman also noted the similarities with the television series Love Boat, known for its many guest stars: "[The episode] had a couple of chuckles, but came off like a young Love Boat."[24] Entertainment Weekly called the episode "fragmented, poorly paced, and only sporadically funny. Cramming the already crowded ensemble with celebs may have been a ratings grabber ... but the results are forced sitcomedy and stilted acting," specifically citing Van Damme.[19] Colin Jacobson of DVD Movie Guide wrote that the episode "feels like nothing more than a big stunt to follow the big game." He went on to say that the cameos of Willard and Castellaneta "offers easily the best parts of the program."[25]

On episode 5, in the aftermath of the yacht party, the men and women go dancing at the Hard Rock Miami, and things get turned upside down when DeMario confronts Jeffri for kissing another man. Meanwhile, Blake and Jonique suffer >>

On episode 4, the men have the elimination power this week, and Tommy throws a hot Miami yacht party to set the mood for sparks to fly with the ladies. But the cruise hits bumpy waters as someone drops-out, a >>

On part 2, an inside look at the many loves of Randall ruffle a few feathers, the on-again, off-again romance of Kadian and Swasey, the true love story of Mike and Brandi, and never before seen footage and hilarious outtakes.

Apple Strudel is an Earth pony and uncle in the Apple family. He has a brown coat, a white and gray mane, and blue eyes. He is first mentioned in Friendship is Magic, part 1, and he appears in Family Appreciation Day and Apple Family Reunion.

Apple Strudel is first mentioned in Friendship is Magic, part 1; Applejack introduces him to Twilight Sparkle at the Apple family reunion at Sweet Apple Acres, but he doesn't physically appear. He first appears on-screen in Family Appreciation Day. When Apple Bloom tricks Granny Smith into boarding a train to go see Apple Strudel, he happens to be on the train, and he greets Apple Bloom in class with a noogie.

Apple Strudel also appears in Apple Family Reunion attending the titular reunion with other Apple family members. He dances with Granny Smith during and after the song Raise This Barn, and he appears in the family photo.

Entertainment Weekly rates the episode "C", calling it "fragmented, poorly paced, and only sporadically funny. Cramming the already crowded ensemble with celebs may have been a ratings grabber but the results are forced sit comedy and stilted acting". The authors of Friends Like Us: The Unofficial Guide to Friends write of the first part "There are some lovely moments of slapstick", mentioning "what Matthew Perry does with the washing-up liquid bottle when he first sees Erika", though call Isaak "positively wooden".

Phil and Claire are worried about the study-obsessed Alex, who does this weird thing with her jaw when she studies. Although Luke can time it to throw a cherry in her mouth without her knowing it. But being study-obsessed isn't as bad as Lily, who appears to be taking things from the stores as she passes by with Mitchell and Cameron. They run into Tracy, who dated Mitch in high school and had a drunken night together at their ten-year reunion. Apparently, Mitch played for both teams in high school, although Cam defends his own honor by claiming he took many a lady to the hen house (literally, he lived on a farm). Ladies like Nellie Forbush, Betty Rizzo, Eliza Dolittle, Kim McAfee (all girls from musicals). Cam and Mitch suggested hanging out, and Tracy shoots that down in a hurry.

Cam tells him not to worry about it, and Mitch is OK...until he sees Tracy taking care of a boy with seriously red hair, who was about eight years old. Which was about the time of his ten-year reunion. He tries to tell Cam, who naturally goes dramatic on him

This storyline is great. It's not even the main focus of the episode, but all of the government intrigue and conspiracy behind the history of Freeland and meta-research is fascinating and frightening. It reminds us of some of the worst parts of our own history, such as the Tuskegee experiments. It also brings a realpolitik to the idea that if we were able to isolate a gene that creates superpowers, this would be weaponized by governments and the most vulnerable populations victimized.

While I was not right in my predictions last week, it seems each week; viewers get closer and closer to seeing Thorfinn reunite with his old companions and mentors. Although every reunion may not exactly be welcomed or pleasant, it will be entertaining to watch play out.

Spencer reminds them that the last time somebody thought she knew who "A" was, she got hit by a car. They also agree going to the police will not help, as Garrett, Jenna, Ian, and Jason all seem to be linked to the Rosewood Police Department. Emily gets a call from Maya, breaking up the tension, and smirks.

The episode features the death of a major character: Eden. Was her death always part of the design of the character, or was it something that came up organically over the course of developing the season?

In Jackie's flat, the Doctor watches various television programmes such as Ghostwatch, EastEnders, and Trisha, which reveal that the ghost phenomenon is international and that people have accepted it as a regular occurrence. Jackie explains that it started about two months ago. At first, there was panic, but then people realised that they were spirits of their departed loved ones. Jackie says that the ghost she calls her father smells like the cigarettes he used to smoke, but Rose says she smelled nothing. Jackie says that she has to make an effort, and the Doctor notes that the more they want it, the stronger it gets. The ghosts are not people's loved ones but they are using peoples' desires and beliefs to press themselves into existence. 041b061a72

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